About the Digital Archives

The Digital Archives website is constantly growing to provide researchers from around the world with expanded and enhanced access to the library's local history collections.

Queens Public Library has one of the largest collections of primary and secondary resources documenting Kings (Brooklyn), Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk counties. The Digital Archives team at Queens Library is working to digitize and catalog the library's extensive local history collections.

The Digital Archives team is also helping local organizations and individuals in Queens to scan and catalog materials they own and wish to share on the Digital Archives website.  Digital Archives content includes digitized materials dating back to 1655, as well as new photography, oral histories, and other records of contemporary life in Queens.

How to Access the Digital Archives

Researchers can search or browse by neighborhood, or by collection.

Queens Public Library customers can use their library card and PIN number to log into the Digital Archives website. If they are not card holders, they can set up a free account with just a name and email address. Logged-in users can add materials they find on the digital archive site to research folders.