Art Exhibitions at Queens Public Library

New York City is home to some of the greatest museums in the world, but you can also see great works of art at Queens Public Library! Visit the exhibits below to see paintings, sculpture, and more by distinguished artists from Queens, NYC, and around the world.


Hip Hop History Month: Hip Hop Art Exhibit 17: The Revolution Will Be Visualized

17: The Revolution Will be Visualized presented by Andre Leroy Davis is part of Queens Public Library's Hip Hop History Month Programing (November 2021). The exhibit features a group of visual artists from around the U.S. The exhibit runs November 9, 2021 through January 17, 2022 (MLK Day) at Central Library.

17: The Revolution will be Visualized: In a time of outrage, 17 African American artists unite in honor of the life of Trayvon Martin and mourn the fact that he was murdered only to live seventeen years of life. The exhibit features different mediums, different styles, different perspectives, different visions all with one mission to visually convey our love and support for one another, our people, but especially the life paths, struggles, pains, love, success, hardships, failures and triumphs of the young Black male. In order to revolutionize the world view of the Black male there must be a revolt: the Revolution will be Visualized.

Uncommon Warriors Art Exhibit

Patricia Brintle enjoys creating images of Haitian women. They are feminine, nurturing, and resilient. They play a crucial role in the economy of the country and played a strong, often clandestine, role in the success of the Haitian War of Independence; many of the heroes during the revolution were women. Brintle aspires to become a visual historian with her artwork. Her exhibit runs from November 15 to December 18 at Central Library. Meet the artist: Thursday, Dec 2 from 4:00pm to 6:00pm and Saturday, Dec 4 from 11:00am to 1:00pm.


Arts & Culture Events

Queens Public Library brings diverse programming from the world of music, theater, dance, film, and more to libraries in your neighborhood, featuring the work of both emerging artists and established performers. In addition, the New Americans Program offers programs celebrating the arts and literature of the diverse ethnic groups in Queens. See all these featured events below.