The multi-award-winning Japanese vocalist TiA will be joining us at Queens Library on Saturday, August 13—get your tickets now!

TiA, who was born in Yokohama, Japan, signed a record contract with Epic Records when she was just 16. Shortly after that, her song “Ryuusei” was featured on the hit anime show Naruto. TiA’s first album received a Gold Disc Award, and her singles have ranked at number 1 six consecutive times on Chaku Uta, a record chart that measures the most cellphone downloads of best-selling digital singles in Japan. Since making her American performing debut in 2014, she has appeared at the Apollo Theater, Carnegie Hall, the Prudential Center, and more. She released her first American track in 2015, and is winning over audiences with her expressive and soulful voice.

TiA graciously answered five quick questions for us before her upcoming concert.

Have you ever visited an American library? And how different are Japanese libraries than the ones in the U.S.?
Yes, I've been to an American library in New York. I like libraries because they are quiet. I can study and concentrate there. There are no huge differences between Japanese libraries and American libraries.

Congratulations on signing a record contract at such a young age! What inspired you to start singing?
Thank you. Actually, my mother was a singer and she taught me how to sing.

How many times have you performed in the United States? And how did it feel to perform at the Apollo Theater?
So many times! I lost count, because I've been performing almost every day since I came here. It was my dream to perform at the Apollo Theater. I’m blessed to have been a part of that historical venue.

Your song “Ryuusei” appears on the anime show Naruto. Are you a fan of anime?
Actually, I'm not a huge fan of anime. But when I got offered Naruto's ending theme, I looked up some episodes and it was really fun to watch!

What can our customers expect at your concert here at Queens Library?
I am going to sing Japanese original songs, some American cover songs, and my U.S. debut single "I'm On My Way." I rarely get the chance to sing my Japanese original songs here in the U.S., so I'm excited to share them with all of you.

TiA took over Queens Library’s Instagram on Wednesday, August 10. Visit instagram.com/queenslibrary to see her posts!