How to get started with Freegal

What you Need

  • A Queens Public Library Card
  • A Queens Public Library PIN
  • An Android, iOS device, or compatible web browser

Installing Freegal

Download the Freegal  mobile app from the Google Play store (Android,App Store( iOS)). To install on other electronic devices, click here for Google Play and click here for iOS App Store.

Logging In & Checking out Digital Music

Step 1: Once installation is completed open an app.

Step 2: Enter your zip code, city, or country. Scroll to select Queens Public Library.

Step3: Enter your Library Card Number and PIN and tap "Login."

Step 4: Start browsing for your next listen!

Accessing Freegal from a Web Browser

You can also access, browse, and listen on Freegal from a web browser by visiting the Freegal website here. Make sure you are logged into the Queens Public Library website with your library card and pin.