Public Computers

Queens Public Library provides public access to library computer workstations at all our locations.

Public use requires a customer account—a Queens Public Library card number and PIN—for all public access workstations except:

  • Catalog-only workstations designated by the Library to access the Library’s online catalog and subscriptions to full-text magazine articles, newspapers, and other designated electronic resources.
  • Adult Learning Centers, where students can use computers to develop literacy skills.
  • Designated workstations at the Central Library available on a first-come first-served basis with access to the library catalog, databases, and other software.

Computers at Queens Public Library use the Windows 10 operating system, with plans to upgrade to Windows 11 by Summer 2024. Microsoft Office 2010 is available on our computers, with plans to upgrade to the current version of Microsoft Office by Summer 2024. Microsoft Edge and Firefox web browsers are available on our computers.

Due to high demand for computer workstations, customers are limited to one hour of customer use per day, which may be divided into multiple sessions. Customers may not use a library card other than their own.

A free non-resident computer membership is available to those not eligible for a free library card. Please speak to library staff for more information.


Wireless Access

Queens Public Library offers free Wi-Fi access at all of our locations during regular hours of service.

The name (SSID) of our wireless network is: QPL_Wi-Fi

To use the Library's Wi-Fi, you must have a laptop computer or mobile device that supports wireless access. The Library's Wi-Fi is not secure and use of it is at your own risk; you must also take every precaution to secure your equipment and personal belongings while in the library.

Queens Public Library is not able to provide technical assistance to you for your hardware, and there is no guarantee that you will be able to make a wireless connection. If you need assistance, contact the manufacturer of your laptop, mobile device, or software. The Library is not responsible for any changes you make to your computer’s settings.

Troubleshoot Wireless Access for your Windows device.

Troubleshoot Wireless Access for your Mac or iOS device.


Extended Wi-Fi

If you need to access Wi-Fi when Queens Public Library is closed, you can connect to the Library’s extended Wi-Fi service outside 59 QPL locations.

This service is available 24/7 and within 450 feet of each participating branch. Just find our wireless network QPL_Wi-Fi on your Internet-enabled device and you can connect automatically.

Extended Wi-Fi is available at every QPL location EXCEPT Bay Terrace, Central Library, Far Rockaway, Flushing, Middle Village, and Mitchell-Linden.


Affordable Connectivity Program

If you need help with Internet access at home, you may also be eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), which will allow you to save up to $30 per month on your home Internet service. Learn More about ACP here and find out if you qualify.


Computer Usage Rules

Queens Public Library's Cyber Center (located at the Central Library) provides computer workstations with access to the resources available at Queens Public Library, research databases, the Internet, and other software.

In order to preserve the integrity of the Cyber Center and to ensure equal access for all customers, the following rules apply:

  • Customers can sign up for a maximum of one (1) hour per day.
  • All computer workstations are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Workstations are assigned by Cyber Center staff. Customers must begin their session in a limited amount of time.
  • If you leave the workstation during your session, “lock” it and notify staff, otherwise the workstation will be considered available for the next customer. When you are finished with your session, please click on “End Session”.
  • Groups are limited to two customers per workstation. Chairs must remain at their own workstation.
  • Our staff has a general knowledge of the software or resources available for public use. Limited assistance in use of the software is available as staff time permits.
  • Customers may not download and/or install and run software on Cyber Center computers.
  • The Library seeks to balance the rights of all customers to access all types of information and to respect the sensibilities of customers of all ages. Therefore, the display of sexually explicit graphics in this shared area is prohibited.
  • The Library is not responsible for damage or loss of data from the use of equipment, software, or other library materials.
  • For questions or problems with the system, please alert staff immediately for assistance.
  • Please conserve paper. Print only what you need. There is a maximum of 20 pages per session permitted.
  • Violation of these rules may result in suspension or the loss of privileges to use computer resources at the Library.
  • Customers are responsible for adhering to these guidelines and are required to leave their workstations at the appointed time or when requested to do so by a librarian or library staff member.

Computer usage rules at other Queens Public Library locations may be slightly different from the rules at the Central Library Cyber Center. Please contact your local library directly to learn their specific usage rules.


Computer Classes

Queens Public Library offers basic computer classes at all our library locations, including classes for older adults, introduction to basic programs like email and Microsoft Office, and more. These classes are separate from public computer usage. Please contact your local library directly for a schedule of their classes.


Using Computers and Wi-Fi Responsibly at QPL

Read Our Library Policies concerning website and Internet use.