QPL Teens: Banned Books Week and Beyond!

Did You Know that on our list of 50 of the Most Banned Books in America, THIRTY-FOUR of them are Young Adult books?

Banned Books Week was at the beginning of October, but protecting the Freedom to Read doesn't have an expiration date!

Teens: this month, we want to keep talking about Banned Books, especially since so many of them are books written for teens and young adults.

If you want to help us defend the Freedom to Read, there's a simple thing you can do: visit your local library, where All Books are Welcome, and read Banned Books for yourself!


50 of the Most Banned Books in America

Check out our list, which has links that you can use to borrow these books from your local QPL branch, download them as eBooks, read them in different languages, and more.


QPL's 100 Most Popular Banned Books

Thirty-five of the 100 most popular banned and challenged books at Queens Public Library are Young Adult books. How many of them have you read?

Use our list to check them out from your local library, download them as eBooks, read them in different languages, and more.


Movies Based on Banned Books

A variety of movies have brought Banned Books from the shelves to the big screen and made these stories more available to more people.

Here are some examples—can you think of any others?

Animal Farm: DVD and Hoopla Digital

Catch-22 (DVD)

Fahrenheit 451 (DVD and Blu-ray)

The Hunger Games (DVD and Blu-ray)

The Kite Runner (DVD)

The Outsiders (DVD)

Persepolis (DVD)

The Hate U Give (DVD and Blu-ray)

To Kill A Mockingbird (DVD and Blu-ray)


Banned Book Resources

Do You Know what's just as important as the Banned Books on our library shelves?

The organizations that help you, and us, fight for your Freedom To Read!

Here are some of the resources available for you.

Explore them, share them with your friends, and get involved!

Resources for Students (National Coalition Against Censorship)

How You Can Fight Censorship: Resources for Students (Penguin Random House)

Youth Censorship Database (National Coalition Against Censorship)

UnTextbooked: A History Podcast for the Future

Banned & Challenged Books: Advocacy, Legislation & Issues (American Library Association)

Unite Against Book Bans

Books Unbanned (Brooklyn Public Library)

Books for All: Protect the Freedom to Read (New York Public Library)


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