Lefrak City Pool. Long Island Daily Press, ca. 1975.

Main image photo credit: Lefrak City Pool. Long Island Daily Press, ca. 1975.

How hot is your summer? What do you do to cool down? Where do you go? What do you love (or hate) about summer in the city?  

Explore these “hot topics” while enjoying an exhibition of historic photographs from the Queens Public Library’s archival collections and see how New Yorkers have found ways to keep cool when temperatures rise, on display through Friday, August 4. 

The exhibit’s curators are working on a new project called “Melting Metropolis.” Over the next five years, the project’s researchers will be working with community groups and artists in Queens, New York, as well as London and Paris, to explore how lived experiences of heat in cities have changed from 1945 to the present day.  

Follow Melting Metropolis on Instagram: @meltingmetropolis and #howwedosummerinQueens, and on Twitter: @MeltingMetrop.  

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