Kwanzaa Celebration 2020

Even though we can't host public events at our branches, Langston Hughes Community Library and Cultural Center will still proudly celebrate Kwanzaa for the 36th straight year!

This year, they invite you to a series of virtual programs starting Saturday, December 19.

You can enjoy craft workshops, live music, dance, spoken-word performances, interesting conversations, and more.

Come celebrate family, community, and the Seven Principles with us!

Funding for these programs has been provided in part by the Library Action Committee of Corona-East Elmhurst, discretionary funds from Council Member Francisco Moya, the Friends of Cambria Heights Library, the Friends of Laurelton Library, the Friends of Pomonok Library, Rory Lancman, and the NYS Education Department's Special Legislative grant from Assemblyman Jeffrion Aubry.

Watch these daily Facebook videos explaining each of Nguzo Saba, the Seven Principles of Kwanzaa!


Events Schedule

Saturday Craft Series: Kinara Candle for Kwanzaa
Saturday, December 19, 1PM-2PM

Create a Kinara candle and celebrate the words of Kwanzaa. Materials needed: Scissors, paper plates, markers, paint (in red, black, green, brown, and yellow), two pieces of paper, and glue. Sign up here to join:


Annual Kwanzaa Celebration
Saturday, December 19, 6PM-8PM

Please join our guests Atiba Wilson of Songhai Djeli, Langston Hughes Library Emeritus Executive Director Andrew Jackson (Sekou Molefi Baako), hip hop violinist Shayshahn MacPherson, and the Jamel Gaines Creative Outlet Dance Theatre of Brooklyn for a special musical, dance, and spoken-word performance that will kick off this year’s Kwanzaa Celebration!

Watch the replay on Facebook

Watch the replay on YouTube


Curator's Coffee Chat: The Underappreciated Celebration
Tuesday, December 22, 4PM-5PM

Take a deep dive into the history of Kwanzaa and why you should consider celebrating now and in the future with guest JoAnna Gordon. Register here:


Good for Your Soul: A Cooking Show with Chef Lana Lagomarsini of the Black Chef Movement
Wednesday, December 23, 6PM-7PM

To celebrate Kwanzaa, Chef Lana will show us how to cook West African peanut stew. This stew is flavored with chiles, ginger, and garlic. Chef Lana has been working in NYC kitchens for years and volunteers cooking meals for the Black Chef Movement. Register here:


Saturday Craft Series: African Kwanzaa Necklace
Saturday, December 26, 1PM-2PM

Create a Kwanzaa-inspired necklace with paper plates, markers, long noodles, small paint brushes, round noodles with holes, glue, paint in red, black, and green, and scissors. Register here:


Celebrating Kwanzaa: Building the Rhythm in Unity
Saturday, December 26, 7PM-8PM

We’re going to “Go back and fetch it” with a musical and dance ensemble. Join us:


Celebrating Kwanzaa: Self-Determination: Freedom, the State of Mind
Sunday, December 27, 7PM-8PM

Join artist Sophia Dawson and Black Panther veteran Yasmeen Majid as we explore the progression of Black people in spite of resistance and struggles. Click the link to register to join:


Celebrating Kwanzaa Panel: We Are in This Together
Monday, December 28, 7PM-8PM

To celebrate the principle Ujima, please join us in a discussion with Aleeia Abraham and Angie K of the BlaQue Resource Network and The Black Chef Movement. Be prepared to be inspired by their work building and supporting community. Click the link to register to join:


Celebrating Kwanzaa: Financial Literacy Workshop with Wendy Petties
Tuesday, December 29, 7PM-8PM

Get empowered to change your life by practicing good financial habits. Figure out what motivates you money-wise. After this workshop, you will have a clear understanding of financial concepts to make effective decisions. Join here:


Celebrating Kwanzaa with a Vision Board Workshop
Wednesday, December 30, 7PM-8PM

Reflect on what you've done, and look forward to what you will be, do, and have next. Our vision board party is a purpose-finding, goal-setting event to create a visual of your goals that will inspire you throughout the year. Join here:


Celebrating Kwanzaa: Kwanzaa Wreath Craft
Thursday, December 31, 7PM-8PM

Learn the techniques and materials needed to create natural and decorative wreaths. Kits for this activity can be picked up after December 19 at Cambria Heights Library or Langston Hughes Library. Link to join us:


Celebrating Kwanzaa: Living Imani
Friday, January 1, 2021, 7PM-8PM

On the last day of Kwanzaa, the principle we celebrate is Imani (Faith). Monique Fortunê will lead us as we come together as a community to express gratitude for the faith that lifts and sustains us. Join here: