Named “Library of the Year” in 2009, Queens Library is recognized as one of today’s most innovative and community-focused libraries. But what about tomorrow? Our plan is to get even better and even smarter about how we respond to and forecast the needs and goals of our community of users. To do that we need your input.

Creating a Playbook for 2012-2015
Over the next several months, there will be opportunities for Queens Library users to support the envisioning of a strategic plan that will serve as Queens Library’s playbook for the next few years.  We are asking our community of library users and stakeholders to contribute ideas around three goal areas in particular:

• Powerful People
• Powerful Programs
• Powerful Places

Here are some questions we would like to pose to our online community:

1) Powerful People. What are the areas of personal or professional growth and development that you would most like the library’s help with? And—whether it’s helping you prepare for new job or connecting you with information you need to take charge of your health--what are ways that the library and its staff could best support you in reaching the goals you’ve established?

2) Powerful Programs. If you frequent any of Queens Library’s programs or classes, which do you consider most valuable? What programs or classes would you like to see the library start or expand? What would encourage or enable you to attend our programs or classes more frequently?

3) Powerful Places. What do you usually do when you come to a Queens Library location (e.g. read or conduct research, use the computer, study with a tutor or small group, etc.)?  What do you want or expect most from library facilities---collections or technology? What do you like most about our offerings? Where would you like to see us grow or get better? 

Please answer any or all of these questions: To do so, add a comment on this blog post. We will review all submitted comments by January 2, so please share your thoughts with us by then. Thank you for taking the time to help us serve you better.