Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day GeorgeCreelisel Carlbrun is the daughter of a poor farmer and a mother who is talented in sewing and embroidery.When they die, she and her brother go to live with their aunt.Her aunt hatches an elaborate plot to get Creel married, but she decides to leave her aunt’s home to seek her fortune in the King’s Seat, her country’s capital. On her way there she is waylaid by some bandits and is rescued by a dragon.What follows this wonderful beginning is a story of a young heroine who never gives up, eccentric dragons who are not violent but collect things that interest them, like stained glass windows, rare books or shoes.A pair of magic blue slippers plays an integral part in the story.Another appealing element in the story is a crown prince who is not a snob.This light fantasy with very little violence will appeal to girls aged 10 and up especially those interested in fashion as the author lovingly describes gowns that the talented heroine designs and makes.Readers can follow Creel’s adventures in the sequel Dragon Flight & Dragon Spear.