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No Cuts to Libraries: Sign the Pledge!

New York City’s public libraries need your help. Due to mid-year budget cuts to our city funding, the Queens, Brooklyn and New York Public library systems have had to reduce the vital services they provide, including collections, programming, building maintenance and repairs, and closing on Sundays at most library locations across the city. Further cuts to our budgets will undoubtedly result in deeper service impacts.

Libraries are the cornerstones of our communities, and Queens Public Library is committed to providing our communities with the books, classes, programs, and more that help them learn, grow, and succeed. The cuts to library funding have significantly diminished QPL’s ability to deliver the critical free resources—from storytimes to ESOL classes to after-school assistance—that people of all ages and circumstances are counting on us for.

Please add your name below to support New York City’s public libraries and stay connected with Queens Public Library as we continue to work with City leaders to restore library funding.



Please note: The boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn are each served by their own library systems, Queens Public Library and Brooklyn Public Library. The New York Public Library serves the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island.