The Queens Public Library Foundation is proud to partner with local and national corporations to support and enhance the diverse resources, programs, and services at Queens Public Library. Through program and event sponsorships and volunteer opportunities, corporations can make a direct impact on the local Queens community, while increasing brand visibility across the borough.


Program Sponsorships

Sponsor one of our hundreds of virtual and in-person programs at Queens Public Library.  With a range of programs spanning education to workforce development to arts and culture, Queens Public Library offers programming that aligns with your company’s mission. The Queens Public Library Foundation will work with you to determine the best sponsorship opportunity for your corporation.

Sponsorship benefits may include:
•    Corporate listing on email announcements
•    Logo featured on our Corporate Sponsor page 
•    Branded item giveaways


Event Sponsorships

Become a lead sponsor of a virtual or in-person event at Queens Public Library. Community events, like our 2021 Black Health and Healing Summit which was attended by 50,000 individuals, offer branding visibility in Queens and beyond. Our benefit events offer branding, press, and networking opportunities while advancing our mission to contribute to the Library’s collections and programs.

Watch our 2021 Virtual Gala in celebration of Queens Public Library’s 125th anniversary.


Volunteer with Queens Public Library

Woman volunteering with boy


The Queens Public Library Foundation offers corporate volunteer opportunities for small and large corporate groups. Whether providing resume assistance, teaching a financial literacy workshop or participating in larger, team-building engagements like planting a Library garden, corporate volunteer opportunities allow companies to work directly within the Queens community.

Corporate Volunteer at the Library


For more information on corporate sponsorship and volunteer opportunities, please contact