Privilege in America

Privilege in America

By Wiener, Gary, editor.

Genre Juvenile works.

Audience Youth 0-15 years

Published 2020 by Greenhaven Publishing, New York, NY

ISBN 9781534506022

Bib Id 2519717

Copyright 2020

Edition First edition.

Description 199 pages ; 23 cm.

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Privilege in America
First edition.
Publication Information
2020 by Greenhaven Publishing, New York, NY :
Copyright Date
199 pages ; 23 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Is privilege a serious problem in America? "Check your privilege" is simply a call for time out / Ally Fogg -- Privilege is a problem in the workplace / Fiona Smith -- Those who have privilege are often blind to it / Chelsea Link -- Privilege rhetoric squelches discourse / Gary M. Galles -- Laughing at privilege / Rocio Ros Rebollo -- What does white privilege mean? Minorities who "whiten" résumés get more job interviews / Dina Gerdeman -- White privilege is a fallacy / Dennis Prager -- Not fearing the police is white privilege in action / Heather M. Edwards -- Black lives matter practices the same exclusionary tactics it professes to oppose / Sapna Rampersaud -- "Color-blindness" is a privilege available only to white Americans / Meghan L. Mills -- "Real" black people don't have the option to turn off their color / Jennifer Floyd -- How does male privilege affect women? Gender equality leaders must be held accountable / Lindsey Jones-Renaud -- The language of "privilege" is inadequate / Richard Seymour -- Female empowerment is causing a male backlash / Stéphanie Thomson -- The glass ceiling limits women in business / Tojan Rahhal -- There is no such thing as a glass ceiling / Sumi Moonesinghe -- Men must confront their own white male privilege / David Gussak -- Privileged males have fought back against #MeToo / Ephrat Livni -- There are flaws in #MeToo / Ashifa Kassam -- It is time for women to confront male privilege / Harriet Harman -- What steps can be taken to even the playing field? Privileged people should listen to criticism without overreacting / Miki Kashtan -- In confronting privilege, we should focus on systems and not individuals / Nian Hu -- Men must be part of the solution to male privilege / Catherine Fox -- Some rich people are trying to fix inequality / Erynn Beaton -- Enough talk, let's act to improve society / Iain De Jong -- Affirmative action functions as a counterweight to privilege / Betty Hung -- We need less talk and more action regarding privilege / Mirah Curzer -- For further discussion -- Organizations to contact.
"The word privilege gets thrown around a lot during discussions of inequality in America, whether it be about race, gender, or wealth. But how serious an issue is privilege, really? Is it manufactured by marginalized groups? Should those with marked advantages feel threatened? America prides itself on democratic ideals and advancement through merit and hard work. Are these ideals based on a lie? And if so, what practical solutions can be undertaken to level the playing field? Presenting a wide variety of perspectives from authoritative voices, this volume unpacks a complex issue that many are uncomfortable confronting"--
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