Queens Library is a world-class urban library system serving Queens through 63 community libraries dedicated to providing collections and information that reflect the diverse communities that it serves. Books and resources are available in the native languages of those communities, served by a friendly and knowledgeable staff. Queens Library is committed to enhancing service quality through innovation, physical environments, information technology and embracing the cultural and language diversity of its customers of all ages. Here are some of the ways:

Customers can borrow materials without waiting in long lines, more librarians are on the floor assisting customers, and customers have direct access to their library accounts by the implementation of the new CUSTOMER SERVICE MODEL. This includes self-service stations and reconfiguring and renovating interior spaces. Customers have more seating, fresher, cleaner buildings and an enhanced overall library experience.

Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2004
(in thousand of dollars)

Support and Revenue
City of New York - $65,205
State of New York - $6,188
United States of America - $3,703
Contributions (from individuals, corporations and foundations, including promises to give) - $1,113
Fines and Fees - $2,692
Income from Investments - $949
Use of Contributed Facilities - $13,948
Use of Contributed Services - $385
Other - $237
Total Support & Revenue - $94,420

Wages and Fringe Benefits - $54,774
Books and Other Library Materials -$ 8,620
Programs (contracted program services and exhibits) - $339
Information Technology - $1,633
Building Maintenance and Renovations - $1,837
Telecommunications - $1,407
Building Leases - $929
Contractual Services - $2,397
Supplies, Equipment and Furniture - $1,158
Use of Contributed Facilities - $13,948
Use of Contributed Services - $127
Other - $1,427
Total Expenses - $88,596