Mahendra Indarjit at the press conference

This April 2, Queens Public Library launched its Renewed Promise to the Public with a new visual identity, new tagline, new website, and new commitment to higher levels of customer service, including translation devices at every branch. Staff shared what this initiative means to them. 

Mahendra Indarjit (above), Central Library manager of information access services, said, “My renewed commitment is to continue to meet the needs of the community by delivering the best customer service possible by speaking everybody’s language whether it be HTML, Python, CSS—that’s what we do here.”

Genive Purchase, Central Library assistant manager, explained, “What is so amazing about Queens Public Library is we serve such a diverse community. Our renewed promise means we are recommitting to our high customer service standards. It doesn’t matter what your gender identity is, it doesn’t matter where you live, it doesn’t matter if you’re unemployed or underemployed. We are here for you. We want to connect you to the services that you need and that is our primary goal in what we do every day.”

“So many of us here who work at QPL come from diverse backgrounds, speak different languages, and have different cultural experiences. I myself immigrated from India. Growing up we did not really have the concept of a public library…That experience has given me a unique perspective on how valuable and enriching Queens Public Library is to the community here. While the public library is always striving to serve the public and improve its service, to me the renewed promise means that we take a moment to slow down and consciously evaluate how we are doing, how we are serving," said Asha Unni, Central Library assistant manager.

Maryanne Olson at the press conference

Maryanne Olson (above), the assistant community library manager at Ridgewood Library, said the tagline We Speak Your Language reflects not only the diversity of QPL’s programs, services, and communities, but also the evolving nature of library services. “The library is always changing how it speaks to its customers,” she said. “There’s never one way of doing things.” 

Judith Todman, manager of unique services at Central Library, says her division speaks neighborhood history, maps, and photos as well as the languages in the international languages collections. The library, she says, means many things to different people, whether it be computers or medical information or concerts. “Our cyber center is a lifeline to our customers applying for jobs and also connecting with friends and family abroad.” 

Linda Chakmak, an international languages librarian, speaks Hindi, Russian, and Turkish—and greeted the press conference on April 2 in all three languages. 

Marjorie Gonzalez, another international languages librarian, says, “I’ve been a library user since childhood, and now, as an adult, I am very grateful to be able to serve in this diverse and wonderful community.”

No matter where you are going or where you come from, we speak your language. Come in to a library location near you and find out about all of the services and opportunities we offer.