Battle of the Bands Spotlight Psychonaut Underground.fw_

Today, we’re introducing our third Battle of the Bands contestants: Psychonaut Underground. Psychonaut Underground first hit the music scene in 2013, when cousins Jeffery Carino and Janssen “Fish” Gonzalez came together to commemorate Jeffery’s brother Paul. A major music inspiration in their lives, Paul passed away at a young age, and the band was started as a tribute to his memory.

Eventually, it became clear that the band needed a guitarist, and Jeffery and Fish enlisted Luis “Space” M to become Psychonaut Underground’s lead axeman. With the addition of another member, the group found themselves gaining local recognition and generating plenty of new materials. To keep up with their evolving sound and their burgeoning fan base, they decided to add a bass player to the mix. This time, they approached recruitment with auditions, but only found their elusive bass boss after a months-long process. Band member Brenden joined, and with this refreshed lineup, Psychonaut Underground grew from punk and grunge roots to a more diverse sound that incorporates hip hop, metal, funk, and even classical. In 2015, they released a five-song EP called Kashmir, and this year they’re working towards a new mixtape.

Psychonaut Underground’s got a reputation for playing lively, energetic gigs that get the crowd excited from the first note. We can’t wait to see them rock out on July 14!

To listen to Psychonaut Underground before the Battle, check them out on ReverbNation.