green resources fair pic quad 1

The excitement still continues for those who participated in this years Green Resources fair. Held at the Broadway Library on Saturday July 21, this fair attracted over 300 participants. There were various vendors and many fun activities to take part in. The Environmental Assistants from various branches showed children how to make upcycled crafts. Children were able to identify leaves, paint rocks, and make miniature pencil holders out of plastic bottles! One vendor in particular showed people how to make their own composting! Another showed people how to fix flat tires, while one special vendor showed people how to make their own tea bags. There were raffles and giveaways. A few of the prizes offered were, a tee shirt, a cloth tote bag, and a child's mountain bike. Everyone walked away with a Greening Library tote bag, and a choice of a basil, parsley, cabbage, pimento pepper or begonia plant. Many people walked away looking forward to attending another Green Resources fair.