On March 2nd, the kids at Steinway library helped start its first indoor garden!For our flower pot, we used plastic cups (cups that would have been thrown out anyway) and seeds that I bought 5 for $1.00 in a nearby store. The kids were divided into five groups with five different types of flowers. Each group had to work together to put the soil into the cups. Once each group got the soil into their cups, we used a pencil to make holes so that we can easily drop the seeds into the soil. Lastly, we placed our flower pots on the window ledge and watered them very carefully. The kids were so excited and interested in the project, that everyone wanted to take a plant home. However, after explaining to them that the plants were to stay at the library, they got even more excited when I explained the concept of "Gardener of the Day." This role is extremely important because each day a new child will take care of the plants and water them. This project will not only teach them how to take care of plants, but will show them that gardening is easy and fun!