I’ve never been one to sing in the shower. I don’t understand the appeal. I need musical accompaniment and it’s too hard to hear the music over the water. Not to mention the amount of water you’re wasting, while showering for half an hour so you can pretend you’re Lady Gaga (or Justin Bieber, whatever your preference).

That being said, the place I will never hesitate to perform is in my car. Yes, I realize the shower is more private. And, I certainly realize that other drivers can see me as I belt out a tune and dance in my seat (mostly at stop lights). But I don’t care. Shakespeare said the whole world is a stage and I take that to mean that Jamaica Avenue is absolutely included.

Also, I almost exclusively listen to the radio. Sure I own a ton of (now antiquated) CDs. I even own quite the fancy portable music player, which I immediately set to shuffle. Because while I do love every song on that device, nothing beats the feeling of driving in your car and having a song you love unexpectedly playing on the radio, (but shuffle is second best and the odds are higher that I will love the song that randomly comes on).

There is not much that beats driving with the windows open and the radio turned up and then a song you haven’t heard in while comes on. And, that song reminds you of who you were with and how you felt when you first heard it. Maybe you were in love, maybe you had a broken heart, or maybe you were out dancing with friends. Whatever the mood, music has a way of instantly enhancing how you’re feeling.

Of course, once I hear a song I love I need to be able to hear it as many times as I want until I’m sick of it, something that typically doesn’t take all that long. This is another reason it’s so great that the library has an extensive CD collection at many Queens Library locations. I can borrow a CD, pop it into my computer or car CD player and be singing along in no time.