Capital Projects

Updated 07/21/2017

Capital Project

At Queens Library, we understand that safe, comfortable, and inspiring spaces are pivotal to achieving the best possible experience for our users. On behalf of communities across the borough, Queens Library manages nearly one million square feet of library space in 65 locations to serve our customers’ diverse and evolving needs.

There are nearly 100 active Library capital projects on any given day in Queens and more in development, ranging from technology upgrades to interior renovations to expansions to brand new facilities, all planned to realize first-class library service. In our outreach and engagement with stakeholders, we have heard a desire to learn more about these projects.

We are deeply committed to transparency and communication with our customers and the public. In response to your requests for more information about capital projects and to provide a window into the process, we have created an online Capital Projects Tracking Tool. While the realities of projects are often complex and dynamic, we are providing updated information quarterly so that you can easily see the status of projects and learn more about how the Library is working to advance our capital program. Users will be able to view the progression of a project, from the first phase, “scope development”, when the specific work is determined and prioritized, to the final stage, “complete,” when the project has been completed and put into public use.

Your feedback is welcome as we refine this tool and continue improving our ability to answer your questions. To provide comments, please . We hope the Capital Projects Tracker will facilitate an ongoing conversation about meeting capital needs at a time when the demand for Library programs and services is greater than ever.

With thanks for your partnership,

Dennis M. Walcott
President and CEO
Queens Library

To learn more about the capital process and our strategic goals, please click here.

Community LibraryProjectPhase
ArverneExpansion of Existing FacilityScope Development
AstoriaAccessibility Renovation (Phase I)In Design
AstoriaSelf-Check EquipmentIn Design
Baisley ParkInterior RenovationIn Design
Baisley ParkLibrary ExpansionDesign Procurement
Baisley ParkSecurity System UpgradeScope Development
Bay TerraceHVAC & Roof ReplacementScope Development
Bay TerraceInterior RenovationIn Design
BelleroseMasonry RestorationConstruction Procurement
Breezy PointBook Vending MachineScope Development
BriarwoodTechnology UpgradesScope Development
Broad ChannelExterior Improvements Construction Procurement
BroadwayPhase III/IV Initial OutfittingIn Design
BroadwayPhase III/IV RenovationIn Design
BroadwayRoof ReplacementScope Development
CentralBuilding RenovationIn Construction
CentralCafeteria RenovationIn Construction
CentralHVAC UpgradeScope Development
CentralSupplemental AC North HallScope Development
CoronaHVACScope Development
CoronaRenovation of Adjacent HouseScope Development
CoronaRoof ReplacementScope Development
CoronaSite Acquisition for Library ExpansionOn Hold
CoronaTechnology UpgradesScope Development
DouglastonHVAC, Lighting, and Ceiling ReplacementScope Development
DouglastonMeeting Room RenovationIn Design
DouglastonStorefront ReplacementScope Development
East ElmhurstBuilding ExpansionIn Construction
East ElmhurstOutfitting for Building ExpansionScope Development
Far RockawayInitial OutfittingIn Design
Far RockawayNew BuildingIn Design
FlushingConstruction of Second ElevatorIn Design
FlushingHVAC and Window UpgradesConstruction Procurement
FlushingRestroom RenovationsScope Development
Forest HillsOutdoor Reading SpaceOn Hold
Forest HillsWindow and Door ReplacementScope Development
GlendaleInitial OutfittingConstruction Procurement
GlendaleInterior Renovation (Phase II)Construction Procurement
HillcrestHVACScope Development
HillcrestRoof ReplacementScope Development
HollisInitial OutfittingIn Design
HollisInterior Renovation/Infrastructure for improved Public ServicesIn Design
Hunters PointNew LibraryIn Construction
Jackson HeightsHVACScope Development
Kew Gardens HillsInitial OutfittingFit-Out
Kew Gardens HillsRenovation & ExpansionFit-Out
Kew Gardens HillsSelf-Check EquipmentIn Construction
LaureltonCCTV Security SystemScope Development
LaureltonRoof ReplacementIn Design
MaspethComputers, Equipment and FurnitureScope Development
MaspethRoof ReplacementOn Hold
McGoldrickHVAC and Control ReplacementIn Construction
Middle VillageHVACScope Development
North Forest ParkHVAC Replacement In Design
North Forest ParkInitial OutfittingIn Design
North Forest ParkInterior RenovationIn Design
North HillsHVAC Replacement Scope Development
North HillsSelf-Check Equipment & Site WorkScope Development
Operations CenterSite AcquisitionOn Hold
Ozone ParkRoof ReplacementScope Development
PeninsulaReplacement of bathrooms and windows Scope Development
PomonokFull Access LiftScope Development
PomonokHVAC Replacement Scope Development
Queens VillageCCTV Security SystemScope Development
Queens VillageExterior Self-Check Equipment; To be coordinated with the renovation projectOn Hold
Queens VillageHVACScope Development
Queens VillageRoof ReplacementScope Development
Queensboro HillHVACScope Development
Rego ParkBuilding ReplacementScope Development
Richmond HillInitial OutfittingIn Design
Richmond HillInterior Renovation In Design
Richmond HillSelf-Check EquipmentIn Design
RidgewoodMasonry & RoofingScope Development
Rochdale VillageHVAC Replacement ProjectIn Design
RosedaleRoof ReplacementScope Development
SeasideHVAC ImprovementsDesign Procurement
South HollisBuilding RenovationScope Development
South JamaicaRoof ReplacementConstruction Procurement
South Ozone ParkInterior RenovationScope Development
South Ozone ParkRoof ReplacementConstruction Procurement
St. AlbansExterior Facade and Interior Renovation Scope Development
St. AlbansHVAC Upgrade and Workroom InsulationDesign Procurement
St. AlbansRoof ReplacementConstruction Procurement
SteinwayPhase II RenovationIn Design
SteinwayPhase III RenovationScope Development
SunnysideMain Door AccessibilityOn Hold
WhitestoneMasonry RestorationIn Construction
WhitestoneRoof ReplacementScope Development
Windsor ParkMasonry RestorationScope Development
WoodhavenFire Alarm System UpgradeIn Design
WoodhavenInterior and Exterior RenovationIn Design
WoodsideMain Door AccessibilityOn Hold
Community LibraryProjectPhase
FlushingRoof ReplacementFunding Approved
Howard BeachReplacement of Windows and DoorsAdditional Funding Needed
Jackson HeightsExpansion of Existing Facility Additional Funding Needed
LaureltonBuilding ReplacementAdditional Funding Needed
LaureltonComputer CartsAdditional Funding Needed
LaureltonRenovationAdditional Funding Needed
LeffertsExterior and Interior RenovationFunding Approved
Lefrak CityA/V Technology for Afterschool ProgramsFunding Approved
Lefrak CityInterior RenovationFunding Approved
Lefrak CitySelf-Check Equipment - ExteriorFunding Approved
MaspethHVAC Replacement Additional Funding Needed
MaspethSelf-Check EquipmentFunding Approved
McGoldrickRoof ReplacementFunding Approved
Middle VillageSite AcquisitionAdditional Funding Needed
Rochdale VillageInterior Renovation (Phase II)Funding Approved
RosedaleSite AcquisitionFunding Approved
Community LibraryProjectPhase
ArverneSuperstorm Sandy Damage Restoration Complete
AstoriaCCTV Security SystemComplete
AuburndaleCCTV Security SystemComplete
AuburndaleRoof ReplacementComplete
AuburndaleStorefront Renovation and Self-Check Equipment Installation Complete
Baisley ParkRoof ReplacementComplete
Baisley ParkSelf-Check EquipmentComplete
Bay TerraceCCTV Security SystemComplete
BaysideInitial OutfittingComplete
BaysideInterior RenovationComplete
BelleroseInitial OutfittingComplete
BelleroseInterior RenovationComplete
BriarwoodCCTV Security SystemComplete
BriarwoodRoof Replacement and Masonry RestorationComplete
BriarwoodSelf-Check EquipmentComplete
Broad ChannelSelf-Check EquipmentComplete
BroadwayRenovation and Outfitting of the Children's Room Complete
BroadwaySelf-Check EquipmentComplete
Cambria HeightsCCTV Security SystemComplete
Cambria HeightsNew Teen Area and Community Meeting RoomComplete
Cambria HeightsSelf-Check EquipmentComplete
CoronaCCTV Security SystemComplete
CoronaSelf-Check EquipmentComplete
Court SquareRenovation of additional spaceComplete
DouglastonCCTV Security SystemComplete
DouglastonRoof ReplacementComplete
East ElmhurstCCTV Security SystemComplete
ElmhurstNew BuildingComplete
ElmhurstOutfitting for New BuildingComplete
FlushingCCTV Security SystemComplete
FlushingRenovation of Children's AreaComplete
Forest HillsCCTV Security SystemComplete
Forest HillsRoof ReplacementComplete
Fresh MeadowsCCTV Security SystemComplete
Fresh MeadowsInterior RenovationComplete
HillcrestCCTV Security SystemComplete
HillcrestSelf-Check EquipmentComplete
HollisCCTV Security SystemComplete
HollisRoof ReplacementComplete
Howard BeachSelf-Check EquipmentComplete
Jackson HeightsCCTV Security SystemComplete
Jackson HeightsRenovationComplete
Langston HughesCCTV Security SystemComplete
Langston HughesMasonry & WaterproofingComplete
LeffertsRoof ReplacementComplete
Lefrak CityCCTV Security SystemComplete
Lefrak CitySelf-Check Equipment - InteriorComplete
Mitchell-LindenSite Acquisition and Renovation Complete
North Forest ParkCCTV Security SystemComplete
North Forest ParkRoof ReplacementComplete
North HillsRoof ReplacementComplete
Ozone ParkCCTV Security SystemComplete
Ozone ParkHVAC Replacement Complete
Ozone ParkInterior RenovationComplete
Ozone ParkOutfitting Complete
Ozone ParkSelf-Check EquipmentComplete
PeninsulaFurniture ReplacementComplete
PeninsulaRestoration ProjectComplete
PomonokCCTV Security SystemComplete
PoppenhusenCCTV Security SystemComplete
Queensboro HillCCTV Security SystemComplete
Queensboro HillInterior Renovation Complete
Queensboro HillRoof & MasonryComplete
Queensboro HillSelf-Check EquipmentComplete
RavenswoodUniversal Pre-Kindergarten Classroom RenovationComplete
Rego ParkBuilding Facade RestorationComplete
Rego ParkCCTV Security SystemComplete
RidgewoodAdult and Teen Area RenovationsComplete
RidgewoodInterior Renovation and OutfittingComplete
Rochdale VillageAdult Learning Center Expansion and Library Roof Replacement Complete
RosedaleCCTV Security SystemComplete
RosedaleHVAC, Lighting, and Ceiling ReplacementComplete
SeasideSuperstorm Sandy Damage Restoration Complete
South HollisCCTV Security SystemComplete
South JamaicaCCTV Security SystemComplete
South Ozone ParkCCTV Security SystemComplete
St. AlbansCCTV Security SystemComplete
SteinwayCCTV Security SystemComplete
SunnysideCCTV Security SystemComplete
SunnysideRoof ReplacementComplete
System-WideMobile LibrariesComplete
WhitestoneCCTV Security SystemComplete
Windsor ParkCCTV Security SystemComplete
Windsor ParkInterior Renovation Complete
WoodhavenCCTV Security SystemComplete
WoodsideCCTV Security SystemComplete
WoodsideLighting & Electrical Upgrade Complete
WoodsideSelf-Check EquipmentComplete