Promote a Lifelong Love of Learning. Donate Now!

Our STACKS afterschool program provides a nurturing environment to read and to do homework. It also encourages participation in other learning activities that help develop life skills.

But we can’t offer programs like this without the support of our community.

Programs like STACKS are made possible thanks to the generosity of our neighbors and supporters. Even though nearly 900 children here in Queens have access to this vital program, there are hundreds more we aren’t yet able to serve.

Your gift today would expand access to other children who need programs like STACKS to help them succeed.

$30 helps provide two weeks of STACKS afterschool programming for one child.

$63 helps provide a month of STACKS afterschool programming for one child.

$150 helps purchase STACKS afterschool supplies for two months at one community library.

Each day, children in the STACKS program have the chance to read. Some of the children might come from families where their parents aren’t fluent in English. Some are from homes with a single working parent. Others can’t afford to own books in their homes.

Your gift today can make all the difference in the life of a child who wants to learn, but doesn’t have the tools or resources. You can help provide that opportunity.

Please Donate Today and help us bring critical afterschool programming to more kids!

Sun, 2018-11-04 12:20