Immigrants Need Our Support. Donate Now!

Queens is home to 1.1 million immigrants. These new Americans arrive from countries near and far looking to learn English, contribute to the community, and make a better life for their families—and many find the help they need at Queens Library.

Your support today means we can continue to offer critical services, like our New Americans Program, that help those new to our community. Our New Americans Program helps immigrants adapt to American life, learn English, apply for jobs, understand their rights, and apply for citizenship.

Your gift will not only support our existing programs, but also allow us to expand vital services for immigrants like multilingual children’s programming, translation services, and legal assistance.

Your neighbors who walk through our doors are guaranteed access to information and learning opportunities, no matter where they are from, their beliefs, background, or circumstances.

Donate Today and help us continue to offer and expand programs and services for immigrant families across Queens!

Wed, 2018-07-25 08:26