The Business Incubator 

Do you need support and guidance when it comes to successfully growing your business? The Job & Business Academy presents “The Business Incubator” - it may be for you. 

This virtual program will help budding entrepreneurs take their ideas from concept to reality over the course of eight weeks. All ideas are welcome! We are seeking entrepreneurs that are in the early stages or are within the first year of growing their small business online. 

A team of experts will help you gain the knowledge to grow and scale your business. These experts will lead the workshops, peer-led communities, pitch deck development, and one-on-one support. At the end of the incubator you will have the opportunity to compete and pitch your business plan to win money for your business.

Apply today here; applications are now being accepted. Deadline to apply is May 3, 2021 11:59pm 

The Business Incubator Series
Week 1: Understanding the Key Elements of A Pitch Deck 
Week 2: Defining Your Ideal Customer 
Week 3: Market Research
Week 4: Customer Development 
Week 5: Mastering Your Business Model and Unit Economics
Week 6: Building Your Team, Goal Setting & Time Management 
Week 7: Basic Accounting & Managing Finances
Pitch Deck Competition

Application Requirements
·    Early stage of start-up (3 to 12 months in business)
·    Business that can operate online


Q: My business isn’t making any revenue; can I still apply?
A: Yes, the program is for individuals that have newly started their business.

Q: Are the classes in person?
A: No, due to Covid-19 all classes will be held online. Classes are weekly Wednesdays (for eight weeks) starting May 12 from 5-7pm.

Q: Is there really prize money?
A: Yes, selected participants can enter the Pitch Deck Competition to win up to $500 towards their business.

Q: After I apply, when will I receive hear back?
A: Accepted individuals will receive a congratulatory email and/or call at least a week before the start of the program.

Q: I have a business partner; can we both apply for the program?
A: No, one person should apply for the team and must respond “yes” to if you have a business partner.

Q: How can I reach out for more information?
A: Please email and wait 24 hours for a reply.

This program is funded by Sterling National Bank. 

Sterling National Bank