How long can I borrow materials for?

Most items may be borrowed for 21 days. Most best sellers, CD's, magazines, videogames and other high-demand items may be borrowed for 7 days.

What is the purpose of the Suggest-A-Book service?

The service was created to connect Queens Public Library users with books they want to read but are not found in our online catalog. All suggested books that are approved for purchase will be put on hold when they arrive for the person who made the first suggestion for the book. Please be aware that there is a fee for books on hold that are not picked up in a timely manner, so please plan accordingly.

If my book suggestion is approved, how long will it take to get the book?

That depends on the availability of the book. We make no promises regarding delivery time but, on average, most books will be ready to pick-up in 7-10 business days after approval. Any orders not filled within 90 days will be automatically canceled (except for books in languages other than English, which can take much longer).

What is an ISBN? Why is it important?

ISBN is an abbreviation for International Standard Book Number. It can be found in the product details section on such sites as and It can help to eliminate confusion between different editions of a book or different books with the same title. The ISBN is especially helpful for books not written in English. Most books have 2 ISBNs, one 10 digits and the other 13 digits. We prefer the 13 digit ISBN. The ISBN is not required because not every book has one.

Why can’t I suggest pre-orders and new releases?

Since every Queens Public Library branch has its own budget and collection development plan, we want to make sure that the Suggest-A-Book budget is not spent on books already on order. Books still not available in our catalog 30 days after publication are usually safe from redundancy. This policy also decreases any confusion about who is first in line to reserve the title.

Why can’t I suggest DVDs, music CDs, magazines, etc?

While Queens Public Library would love to provide an online suggestion service for every format, budget and staff limitations keep us restricted to our primary format of books in their various forms. We do plan on expanding the service when the necessary resources become available.

My suggested book was rejected as not available, out of print, out of stock, etc. but I see it for sale on Why don’t you order it from there?

Queens Public Library orders materials from approved vendors (i.e., Ingram and Baker & Taylor) who give us discounts, free shipping, tax exemption, and other benefits specific to public libraries. and other online retailers do not offer the same level of service. Most importantly, online retailers demand payment up front and will not invoice us in the manner that New York City and New York State require.

What kind of book suggestions are usually rejected?

Most commonly, books that exceed our budget or are more appropriate for an academic library (i.e., textbooks). While our discounts and budget can change, it is safe to assume that most books with a retail price over $60 will likely be rejected. Also, books that are designed to be written in, cut up for crafts, contain posters or stickers, or have special packaging will not be ordered.