How much are late fees?

Queens Public Library does not charge late fees on overdue books. If a book is lost or not returned, you will be charged the price of the item.

Other items: Lost Library card replacement fee $2; Missing item label $1; Non-NYS resident library card: one year $50; Returned check fee $25; Lost video/DVD case $2; Lost CD $1.

I lost the book, DVD or CD that I borrowed. How much will it cost to replace it?

The price of the item.

What is the Read Down Your Fees program?

Children and young adults up to age 21 are eligible to read down their fees in the library. For every 1/2 hour of reading they receive $1.00 to be used toward fees on their library card.

I returned another institution’s book to Queens Public Library in error. What happens to the book?

If the book is sent to our Interlibrary Loan unit, it will be returned to the lending institution. Not all of these books are forwarded to the Interlibrary Loan unit. There are also instances when the book is not found by Queens Public Library staff, so there are no guarantees. You are responsible for any fines and fees the owning library charges.