Is there a limit to the number of books I can suggest?

The current limit is 10 unresolved suggestions. A suggestion is resolved when you receive an email saying whether or not it will be purchased. Please bear in mind that all of your suggested books could arrive together, which may not be convenient for you. Please use your discretion and best judgement when using the Suggest A Book service; people who abuse the service may be blocked from submitting further suggestions. When suggesting a series of books, please submit a suggestion for each separate title in the series. (Hint: submit the first title in the series before doing any others. If that one is not available or is ineligible, chances are good that the rest will also not be approved.)

What types of e-books and audiobooks are available?

We use the Axis 360 platform for e-book suggestions. Audiobooks are available as CDs, Playaways, or digital downloads. Please specify which type you prefer in the “Additional Information” section of your suggestion.

Can I request a series or a book from a series?

The Suggest-A-Book service is for stand-alone books, not series. Each Queens Public library is responsible for maintaining their fiction series books. Please use our catalog to see which libraries carry the series and contact them. For a new series, please contact your home library. If the book you want is more than six months old, you may also request it on interlibrary loan here: