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法拉盛图书馆文史讲座 (线上, 2023年3月、4月)

English: The lecture consists of two sessions”. Presented: Dai Fang, Ph. D., Fiction Writer, Professor of Literature at Hunter College, CUNY. t is not an academic one but based on the academic researchers from both West and China, with a historical perspective. The program is in Chinese. Saturday, Mar. 18 How to Appreciate Fiction A brief comparison between the ways in which fiction evolves in Western and Chinese cultures, their differences as well as similarities, and how they affect their developments. Saturday, Apr. 15 How to play the game of fiction? Know what you want with fiction and decide what and how to read/write. Knowledge interests/base; basic skills required if you decide to write fiction. Know your subjects and your targeted readers; how to reach the broadest readership, given the genres you have chosen. Join Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 867 1377 1449 Passcode: 4117
Chinese: 主讲人: 戴舫博士, 作家,纽约亨特学院文学教授 1 小说杂俎:中西传统比较 2 为什么看小说? “give them what they want”、心理需要、认知需要、逃逸需要 a. 弥补自己生活的不足 b. 满足对生活的想象 c. 认识生活的真相 3 为什么写小说? a. 小说存在的理由:前身今世未来 b. 怎样玩转小说:游戏规则 1 小说种类:“纯”文学、俗文学/通俗小说—价值判断 2 小说成 “家” c. 小说家如何安身立命:小说家的 “格” 第二讲:怎样讲故事? 4月15日星期六晚上8点 1. 故事:小说的第一要义 a. 故事、世界、小说世界 b. 怎样编故事? c. 可不可以没有故事? 2. 怎样讲故事? a. 小说家的“假面” b. 操控故事 c. 给故事“挤牛奶” d. 实例:什么是有深度的故事 戴舫,祖籍湘西,生长上海。华东师大中文系77级,复旦大学比较文学研究生,美国密西根大学哲学博士。现执教于纽约亨特学院。小说作家,发表多部长篇小说和短篇小说集。 加入: 会议ID:867 1377 1449 密码:4117
Apr 15, 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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