Customer Information

Which of the following services and resources are your top funding priorities for QPL next year?

Critical Very important Good to have Less important
Additional library hours:
Books and other print materials:
Job and business assistance programs:
Afterschool programs/homework help:
English classes for speakers of other languages:
Early childhood programs:
Cultural programs:
Older adult services:
Staff to assist customers:
Technology training:
Multi-lingual resources:
Mobile tech: eReaders, tablets, mobile hot spots:
Adult education/high school equivalency prep.:
The City of New York will likely significantly reduce spending next year unless it takes sufficient revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even as it faces shortfalls, should the City continue to prioritize funding QPL, Brooklyn Public Library and The New York Public Library to keep our communities strong?
Do you agree that Queens Public Library provides essential services, resources and lifelong learning opportunities to all?
During the COVID-19 pandemic, have you or members of your household visited Queens Public Library s online/virtual programs, workshops, or classes?

The top two reasons why I value QPL are: