Pinterested in Books-2

Book lovers, there’s a new free online resource for keeping track of reading lists—all-time favorites, to-read, inspirational titles, any and all the reading lists one could dream up—and that is the new social network Pinterest. Authors, readers, publishers, libraries, and bookstores of all varieties have been giving the site a chance, but is this self-proclaimed “virtual pinboard” for you?

People and companies are using it to organize and show off their favorite things—not just book-related items, but literary-minded folks will find good company—on digital bulletin boards by uploading photos and graphics directly from their computers and smartphones and by “pinning” (the verb form derived from the website’s name) images and graphics they like from websites. Any user can have an unlimited number of boards, and each board can have an unlimited number of pins. Bookworms have definitely found a home there—“Books Worth Reading” is one of the most common board themes.

Queens Library is using Pinterest to browse book covers people have uploaded onto Pinterest, discover great finds from “pins” (the noun formed from the website) from others in the community, and share what we’re reading now, some of our all-time favorite reads, our summer reading recommendations, and more. If you’re a member, follow us! If you’d like to learn more about creating an account on, and making the most of, Pinterest, check out our Pinterest Tutorial, created by our staff—just for you!

Think Pinterest isn’t for you? That’s OK. We’ll still offer the more traditional form of our staff picks posted online and in our libraries.

As always, we’d love to hear more from you. What do you think of Pinterest? What do you think about using social networks to find out more about authors, reading, libraries, and more? Let us know by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading!