Network Settings Windows 7

In the Lower right hand corner you will notice an icon that looks like steps with a sun in front of it. It is the network icon. The sun means wireless networks are available.

Just click on the icon. It will then pop up a window displaying all available wireless networks and their signal strength. The networks SSID will be displayed with signal strength and if it’s a secure network. Please hit the refresh button to insure the networks were recently detected. The QBPL_WIRLESS network is open.

Now Windows 7 will prompt you for a location. Windows is asking how much you trust this network. "Public Network" is the recommended setting.

Click on the wireless network labeled QBPL_WIRELESS. Click connect. The next few steps are automatic. Your pc if configured correctly will receive an IP address. Once connected QBPL_WIRLESS will be displayed as connected.

You are now connected and can now open any browser. The network will redirect you to our log on page. Once you log on with your library card and PIN on our log on page, you can connect to the Internet. If you do not log on, you can only access internal links within Queens Library website

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