Friends of the Library

Friends of the Library Groups do the following:

  • Create public support for the Library
  • Sponsor programs designed to enhance the cultural life of the community
  • Work with library staff on legislative advocacy
  • Encourage volunteer assistance
  • Provide direct financial assistance by working with library staff to purchase special items not included in the library budget

Friends groups serve to strengthen the Queens Library as a whole through legislative advocacy, program planning, community awareness and fundraising. They play a key role in promoting library programs and services and serving as advocates for the Queens Library. Each year, hundreds of Queens residents head to Albany to advocate for increased funding for libraries. Friends make certain that the communities we serve and the elected officials who represent them know that people care deeply about their local public libraries.

If you'd like to join an existing group or start your own, contact your local Community Library Manager or the Director of Government and Community Relations at (718) 990-8585, Fax: (718) 291-2695, Email: jmanley@queenslibrary.org.

Join one today! We are always looking for more library lovers to join in our effort to make certain that libraries are fully funded and appreciated. There are currently forty-nine Friends of the Library groups throughout the borough of Queens.