It's #BookTuesday!

Every Tuesday, Queens Library will introduce you to a great book!

Our #BookTuesday pick is Devotions: the Selected Poems of Mary Oliver.

A carefully curated collection spanning more than five decades, and arranged by Oliver herself, Devotions features over 200 poems—from her very first book of poetry, published in 1963, to her final one, published in 2015.

Throughout her celebrated career, the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, who passed away in January, touched countless readers with her brilliantly crafted verse, expounding on her love for the physical world and the powerful bonds between all living things.

Within the pages of Devotions, Mary Oliver leaves us her extraordinary, passionate, perceptive, and much-treasured observations of the natural world.

Grab a copy today!

Wed, 2019-03-20 09:00