Inspiring Women in Science

This Women’s History Month, Queens Library is excited to explore the impact of women scientists on fields as far ranging as astronomy, chemistry, biology, physics, and so many more.

Inspiring Women in Science invites you to play Bingo at our libraries to discover fifty amazing women in science, and to participate in a trivia game. Children can create an invention at our special craft program.

Everyone is also encouraged to try our science activities—on animal habitats, buoyancy, flight, genetic traits, and geometric shapes—at home or at your local library!

Join us at our local libraries to meet inspiring women working in science throughout New York City. You can hear them discuss their career paths and participate in hands-on workshops.

To learn more, visit our Inspiring Women in Science webpage.

We hope you’ll be amazed, surprised, and definitely inspired by this month’s programming as we celebrate women!

Mon, 2019-04-01 00:42