Celebrate All Month!

Poets and poetry lovers, we'll be celebrating National Poetry Month all across Queens.


4/2 Digital Poetry

Children ages 8-12 create digital poems using interactive poetry websites.

Location: Ridgewood


4/3 A Poem as Big as New York City

Join Teachers and Writers Collaborative for a poetry event celebrating the imaginations of New York City’s young writers, with a writing workshop and a reading from the poetry anthology created by NYC kids and teens!

Location: Flushing


4/4 Spring Poetry Mobile

School-age children are invited to join us to make their own spring-themed poetry mobile.

Location: Richmond Hill


4/4 Open Mic Night

Performers are invited to share their talents in a 5-minute presentation of poetry, prose, music, comedy, or spoken word. February 7 is our first February Poetry Festival, celebrating Valentine's Day, Lunar New Year, and Black History Month. March 7 will feature surrealist poet Jay Chollick, voted Best Poet at The Vault. April 4 observes National Poetry Month with Ed Stever, author of two published books of poetry and Poet Laureate of Suffolk County 2011-2013.

Location: Flushing


4/8 A Music and Poetry Tribute to Queens, NY

Poet Bob McNeil celebrates Queens's historical contributions to the American way of life and the richness of culture that abounds in its diverse neighborhoods through poetry and music.

Location: East Elmhurst


4/11 Poetry Party with Christine Campbell

Be inspired by the creativity of poetry, an art form used to communicate ideas and feelings. Educator and artist Christine Campbell helps students age 7 and up write and give voice to their own poems, then share with all at a Poetry Slam where everyone is a poet.

Location: South Hollis


4/11 Poetry Workshop

School age children celebrate National Poetry Month by writing poems of their own.

Location: Richmond Hill


4/12 Calligraphy and Poetry: An Artful Blend

In this workshop for adults, you will learn to create fancy lettering with calligraphy tools, then "pen" a poem--your own or by a favorite poet--suitable for framing. Seating is limited; preregistration is required in person or by phone.

Location: Hillcrest


4/13 Word Canvas: National Poetry Month Celebration

Join us for a dynamic afternoon as we celebrate National Poetry Month with the power of the spoken word. Our featured poets will be Cheryl Boyce Taylor (author of "Convincing the Body"), DuEwa Frazier (author of "Goddess Under the Bridge") and Darryl Alladice (author of "Jaundice").

Location: Langston Hughes


4/14 Open Mic

Drew Biscardi writes poems and short fiction that explore the moments that make up the unique narratives of daily life. Often using the lives of the working class as a backdrop, he searches for the center in small stories, where people connect and disconnect, where they hope and they lose hope. Though Biscardi spent most of his adult life doing blue-collar labor, he is currently employed as managing editor of Landscape magazine.

Location: Central Library


4/17 Write Your Own Poem

Children will use their creative skills to write their own poems as part of April is poetry month.

Location: McGoldrick


4/18 Poem in Your Pocket

Children will make a pocket from construction paper. They will be encouraged to write a poem and place it in the pocket and then read the poem aloud to the group.

Location: Hollis


4/18 Rhythm and Poetry

Is rap poetry? Are rappers poets? Let's find out!

Location: Cambria Heights


4/22 Poetry Club

We  will read and discuss great poetry.

Location: Auburndale


4/23 Newspaper Blackout Poetry

Take a black marker and a newspaper and you, too, can produce poetry. This program is inspired by poet Austin Kleon’s book “Newspaper Blackout” and his website, austinkleon.com.

Location: Hollis


4/25 Poetry Reading

Children are invited to join us for a poetry reading. We will share poems with each other in celebration of National Poetry Month.

Location: Richmond Hill


4/26 Open Mic Day

In honor of Poetry Month, we will open our library to performances of poetry, stories or any other medium in which you would like to express yourself. Preregistration is required.

Location: South Ozone Park


4/27 George Edward Tait Presents: the 30th Anniversary of Poetcetera

Join George Edward Tait, The Poet Laureate of Harlem, for a dynamic afternoon of poetry in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Poetcetera.

Location: Langston Hughes


4/29 Newspaper Blackout Poetry

Using newspapers and a black marker, children and teens ages 10-17 will create poetry by removing words from the original text.

Location: Pomonok


4/30 Poetry Circle

In this poetry circle we will read poems and try our hand at writing poetry.

Location: Hollis

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