Cambria Heights Teen Center


The Cambria Heights Teens Center is a safe space for adolescents in middle and high school where they can complete homework, do research, participate in programs and leadership initiatives, and explore their creativity. The Teen Center provides teens with a wide range of professional, educational, and social resources. Teens are encouraged to participate in activities designed to build character, enhance their education, and engage their interests. Additionally, the Teen Center encourages families to learn more about college preparation, STEM education, and computer literacy. 


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Teen Center Programs

  • Special Programs: includes black history programs, Conversations with Cops, LGBTQ awareness, community outreach, leadership programs, and legal rights awareness. 
  • Creative Programs: designed to engage teens in fun, hands-on activities. These include crafts, hip-hop programs, cinema, the Teen Dance Challenge, natural skin care workshops and more.
  • Academic Programs: assistance in math, English Language Arts (ELA), Regent Prep, SAT practice tests and state exam prep. Additional programs include college admission workshops, financial literacy seminars, and resume help.
  • Literacy Programs: includes Book Bingo, scavenger hunts, and the reading enrichment program. 
  • Health and Recreation Programs: focuses on awareness, self-advocacy, and education. 
  • Technology Programs: utilizing computers and printers for homework, video games, and even a recording studio with audio equipment for teens to get creative. 
  • Life Skills Programs: preparing teens for the professional world, with job search workshops, tie-knotting tutorials, mock interview sessions, and job application assistance. 


Teen Center Features:

  • interior entry for privacy and security
  • gallery space
  • self-checkout points reading and activity area
  • technology and gaming room
  • meeting room
  • soundproof recording studio


Cambria Heights Teen Center
218-13 Linden Boulevard
Cambria Heights, NY 11411


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