Older Adult Services

Queens Library offers a wealth of free programs and resources for older adults: book-discussion groups; live performances and readings; talks and panel discussions; film screenings; drama clubs; chess clubs; arts and crafts workshops; and numerous programs on health and wellness. Other programs and services include:

Computer Training

The Cyber Center at Central Library (Jamaica) offers a range of classes appropriate for older learners, including beginning classes on using computers, the Internet, email, Microsoft programs, Google, Facebook and other technologies and social media. Call 718-990-0769 for more information. Other introductory classes on using MAC and PC computers, the Internet, email Microsoft and Adobe programs, social media and e-books and e-readers are also offered at Central Library and other select locations. Call 718-990-8625 for more information, or go to queenslibrary.org/jobhelp.

Adult Learner Program

This program offers services and lifelong learning opportunities, including classes on learning and practicing English (ESOL) to adult members of all Queens communities. For information on ESOL classes, call 718-480-4231/4235. For information on all Adult Learner and Literacy programs, call 718-480-4300 or go to queenslibrary.org/services/adult-literacy. Adult Learning Centers Queens Library system has seven Adult Learning Centers staffed by professionals and volunteers, who tutor literacy groups, facilitate ESOL conversation groups and lead other workshops and classes. For more information, call 718-480-4300 or go to queenslibrary.org/services/adult-literacy/adult-learning-centers.

Stay Well Exercise Program

This program introduces adults age 60 and older to special exercises, relaxation techniques and principles of good nutrition. Programs are held at Central Library and East Elmhurst. Call 718-990-0853 for more information.


HealthLink brings together community members and leaders to plan educational programs, cancer screening events cancer support groups and other health-and-wellness programs. For more information, call Tamara Michel at 718-990-5197, email tmichel@queenslibrary.org or go to queenslibrary.org/services/health-info/healthlink


ConnectCare offers educational health programs and free health screenings at eight Queens Library locations in partnership with the Joseph P. Addabbo Family Health Center Albert Einstein College of Medicine and other organizations. Older adults and other library customers can get answers t health questions and make medical appointments at these branches. Contact Savitri Seupersad at 718-990-5154, email sseupersad@queenslibrary.org or go to queenslibrary.org/services/health-info/connectcare.

Consumer Health Resources Center

The Consumer Health Resources Center at Central Library contains encyclopedias, sourcebooks, directories, journals and online databases that customers can use to learn more about a prescription drug, disease symptoms or a doctor’s credentials and find other information to help them take care of their health. For more information, call 718-990-5130 or go to queenslibrary.org/services/health-info/consumer-health-resource.

Ask a Librarian

Ask-a-Librarian staff are available seven days a week (hours vary) to provide brief answers to factual questions or suggest resources to help customers find the information they seek. Customers can submit questions by phone, live chat, email or phone text. All information is kept confidential. Call 718-990-0728. To Chat, go to queenslibrary.org/ask-a-librarian/chat. To send an email, go to queenslibrary.org/ask-a-librarian/email To get help via text, send a message to the library at 66746 and text the keyword ASKQL in the body of the message. For more information, go to queenslibrary.org/ask-a-librarian.

Ask a Medical Librarian

Medical Librarian Al Piedra is available at Central Library’s Consumer Health Resources Center, Monday-Friday, from 2:30-4:00 p.m., to answer questions and help with research. All information is kept confidential. Call 718-990-5130, fax 718-990-8570 or email apiedra@queenslibrary.org. For more information, go to queenslibrary.org/services/health-info/medical-librarian.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

CCTVs enlarge type and mage up to 100 times and display them on a TV screen. CCTVs are located at Central Library and ten other locations. For more information, call 718-990-0853 or go to queenslibrary.org/services/disabilities.

TTY Loan Program

TTY for the hearing impaired sends messages by phone to a receiving device, where they are displayed. This program is offered at Central Library and other locations. For more information, call 718-990-0853 or go to queenslibrary.org/services/disabilities.


This program offers homebound individuals free delivery of library materials right to their door. Materials include books in large print, audio books, e-books, e-readers, movies and games. Mail-A-Book also offers lectures, classes, book discussions, music and theater, debates and chats by teleconference, video and live stream. Rotating Deposit Collections are also maintained at nursing homes and senior residences. For more information call 718-464-0084, fax 718-479-4609, email mailabook@queenslibrary.org or go to queenslibrary.org/books/mail-a-book.

Older Adult Services Brochure

Older Adult Services Brochure

These expanded services are made possible through grants from:

The Fan Fox & Leslie R. Samuels Foundation, Inc.,

The Lily Auchincloss Foundation, Inc.,

And the Stuart S. Applebaum Giving Foundation, Inc.