Greening Western Queens

Building A More Sustainable Future For All Of Us

Through our Greening Libraries Initiative, Queens Library is providing environmental education and promoting environmental action in libraries throughout Western Queens.

Help Build A More Sustainable Future--

Visit our Sunnyside, Woodside, Steinway, Broadway, or Astoria (hyperlinks) Community  Libraries where you can find activities, books, and programs that show how you can contribute to a better environment in your community and workplace.  At your library, you can:

  • Enjoy programs and activities for children and families about composting, gardening, recycling and being environmentally friendly.
  • Locate other local community organizations working to improve our lives. 
  • Discover books and other resources and information about the environment not only in English, but  in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Korean and Spanish.  Collections in Chinese can be found at the following locations: (Hyperlink library locations) Sunnyside, Woodside.

Visit Greening Western Queens blog at http://greening.queenslibrary.org/

This project is funded by Greening Western Queens Fund of North Star Fund.