Books About Cancer

Cancer Resources

Levin, Bernard

American Cancer Society’s complete guide to colorectal cancer ( 616.9943 L )
Explores every aspect of colorectal cancer, from physical to emotional aspects of the disease.
(American Cancer Society, 2006)

American Cancer Society’s guide to pain control: understanding and managing cancer pain( 616.0472 T)
Explains how to achieve acceptable pain control through the many pain-relief options available, including medicines and other methods. (American Cancer Society, 2004)

The American Cancer Society’s healthy eating cookbook: a celebration of food, friends, and healthy living( 641.5631 T)
More than 200 pages of recipes that will turn healthy eating into a celebration of good food, including recipes from some of your favorite celebrities. (American Cancer Society, 2005)

Murray, Lisa

Angels and Monsters: a child’s eye view of cancer ( 618.9229 A )
Children express, through art and words, the world they lived in as they underwent treatment for cancer. (American Cancer Society – Health Content Products, 2005)

A breast cancer journey: your personal guidebook ( 616.9944 A )
Provides clear, easy-to-understand information on breast cancer treatment options, surgical techniques for breast reconstruction, drug therapies, and complementary and alternative treatments. (American Cancer Society, 2004)

Steligo, Kathy

The breast reconstruction guidebook: issues and answers from research to recovery ( 618.1905 S)
Explains different reconstructive options and their benefits and limitations. (Carlo Press, 2005)

The cancer atlas ( 614.5999 C )
This atlas illustrates the latest available data on the cancer epidemic, showing causes, stages of development, and prevalence rates of different types of cancers by gender, income group, and region. (American Cancer Society, 2006)

Cancer sourcebook ( 616.994 C )
Provides detailed information on: the major forms and stages of cancer and the latest treatments; identifying and reducing cancer risks; and strategies for coping with diagnosis and treatment. (Omnigraphics, 2003)

Comprehensive cervical cancer control: a guide to essential practice ( 616.9946 C )
This guide focuses on the knowledge and skills needed by health-care providers at different levels of care to offer quality services for prevention, screening, treatment and palliation of cervical cancer. (World Health Organization, 2006)

Van Dernoot, Peter

Helping your children cope with cancer: a guide for parents and families ( 362.1969 V )
Advice, guidance and inspiration provided through real-life stories and experiences of over twenty parents who have been diagnosed with cancer. (Hatherleigh Press, 2006)

Visel, Dave

Living with cancer: a practical guide( 616.994 V )
An overview of the varieties of cancer and all the basic types of treatment available; also provides information and strategies to help with the emotional, practical, and financial effects of a diagnosis. (Rutgers University Press, 2006)

Quick Facts Lung Cancer: what you need to know - now( 616.9942 Q )
Risk factors, preventative measures, treatment and questions you should ask your doctor about. (American Cancer Society, 2007)

Quick Facts Prostate Cancer: what you need to know - now ( 616.9946 Q )
Risk factors, preventative measures, treatment and questions you should ask your doctor about.. (American Cancer Society, 2007)

Coleman, C. Norman

Understanding cancer: a patient’s guide to diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment ( 616.994 C )
Explains step-by-step the process of diagnosis and testing, and discusses various treatment options. (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2006)

Bernay, Toni

When it’s cancer ( 616.994 B )
Guides patients and their loved ones through the maze of physical, psychological, social, logistical, and legal issues that so often accompany a cancer diagnosis. (Rodale, 2006)