Word Tutorials


  • Microsoft Office: Word Homepage

    Product information, tips and tricks, upgrades, demos and more are available on this homepage from Microsoft. The Assistance Center's Tutorials are specific and are created for the most current version of this word processing software.

  • Microsoft Word Glossary

    Puzzled by some of the jargon being tossed around as you complete your document? Look it up here in this list of over 200 terms.  

  • About.com Guide to Word Processsing"

    This About.com guide to word processing offers advice on choosing as well as using word processing programs. You can also find information about formatting and printing documents, adding tables and images, and how to use Word with other Microsoft Office programs. A wide variety of different word processing programs are discussed in this article.


  • Microsoft Word 2007

    A very good interactive tutorial that 'demonstrates' how to format text in Microsoft Word.

  • Word 2007

    Florida Gulf Coast University takes you step-by-step through Word 2007 - from opening the program to creating web pages. The tutorial intersperses screen shots and definitions throughout their practical instruction”.

  • Microsoft Word 2007- Tips for Word-processing

    Learn little tips on how to customize the status bar, add document watermarks and show page thumbnails in your documents.

  • Baycon Group: Word 2007

    This tutorial takes you progressively from the basic features of Word XP to the more advanced use of formatting and tables.

  • Get to Know Word: Create your first document 

    Learn the basics of Microsoft Word using Word 2003.

  • Guides to Using Microsoft Word

    From the basics to more advanced aspects, from the general to the specific, this page is very useful in showing how to use Microsoft Word, and has links to other resources as well.

  • Get up to speed with some Word 2007 tutorials

    This site contains video tutorials which pertain to features in Word 2007. There are tutorials on subjects such as the ribbon and mini toolbars as well as how to use Word 2007.

Beyond the Basics

  • Add Graphics and Keep Them Where You Want Them

    Using this excellent tutorial, learn to insert graphics into your Word document, positioning them where you want, even along or inside a block of text.

  • Decorate Documents With Backgrounds, Borders, And Text Effects

    After completing this tutorial, you will have learned how to add a watermark or background, create borders and shading effects, and animate text.

  • Headers and Footers, Simple To Elaborate

    The tutorial will teach you to add headers and footers to documents including elaborate one that differ on pages or document sections.

  • Microsoft Word 2003 : Tips for WordPerfect Users

    A few useful tips to make Word 2003 act a little more like WordPerfect to ease the transition between the two.

  • Making the most of Word in your business

    Very professional page with tips about using Word for new users, formatting, sharing documents, and more.

  • PC World : Word Processing Tips

    Seven page article describing a wide variety of useful and hard-to-find tips for word processing (for MS Word and WordPerfect) such as carrying your preferences with you, coping with colored text, and struggling with tabs.

  • Tables I: Create and Format Basic Tables

    This tutorial will teach you how to add tables to your documents using Word 2003.

  • The MS Word MVP FAQ Site

    A page devoted to helping people with MS Word as well as those who help others. There is a very extensive FAQ on Word as well as a list of Word tutorial articles.

  • University of Sussex : Word Processing FAQs

    For the more advanced word processing user, this page has six categories of answers to some difficult questions.

  • Use Mail Merge For Mass Mailings And More

    Mail merge is used to prepare envelopes and labels for mailings, and can also be used for form letters or email messages.

  • Word 2007 Assignments

    Practice your new-found Microsoft Word 2002/XP skills by completing these 10 advanced assignments. Internet access is necessary to retrieve content.