Typing Tutorials

Please note that programs cannot be downloaded to Queens Library PCs.
  • Sense-Lang.org's Online Free Touch Typing Program 

    A Flash-based guide that teaches touch typing with a choice of the English or Hebrew language. Includes an online and a downloadable version. 

  • Type Faster Typing Tutor 

    Download a free typing tutor to learn how to type in different languages. 

  • GoodTyping.com's Free Online Typing Course

    An online tutorial that provides a series of free typing lessons. Free registration is required to save your lessons. Also available in Spanish.

  • Learn 2 Type

    This site provides some touch typing basics, as well as six exercises to hone your new-found skills. You must register with the site and provide an email address.

  • Mr. Kent's Typing Tutor

    MrKent's Typing Tutor allows you to select timing, lessons and skill level for its free on-line typing lessons.

  • NimbleFingers

    Practice typing groups of letters and typing words. The program requires Java 1.1 to load.

  • Peter’s Online Typing Course

    17 typing lessons are presented to help you to become a competent typist.

  • PowerTyping

    There are lessons and a speed test to learn typing.

  • Typeonline.co.uk

    Use this site to practice typing both letters and words.

  • Typing Master Online Tests

    Test yourself through typing paragraphs. Java 1.1 required to load the program.