PowerPoint Tutorials

General Information

  • Microsoft Office: PowerPoint Home Page

    Product information, tips and tricks, upgrades, demos and more are available on this homepage from Microsoft. The Assistance Center’s Tutorials are specific and are created for the most current version of this presentation software. Occasionally there are tips for the next to last version of the software.

The Basics

  • Introduction to Powerpoint 2007

    This is a beginner's introduction to Powerpoint 2007. Learn how to create slides and presentations using the latest version of Powerpoint.

  • Create Your First Presentation

    The tutorial is an excellent introduction to Powerpoint 2003. Learn how to put text and pictures on slides, navigate in PowerPoint, apply a design template, arrange slide content and print handouts and notes.

  • Learning Microsoft PowerPoint 2000


    A basic tutorial that covers practice exercises to work through as well as examples for creating documents in your work.

  • Making Presentations That Audiences Will Love
  • This PowerPoint slide show allows you to move from slide to slide at your own pace as it comprehensively details components and tips of great presentations.

  • Powerpoint

    This is an introduction to Powerpoint 2003 showing how to use slides to create presentations.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Starter's Guide 

    This beginner's guide offers a quick overview highlighting the basic features of PowerPoint 2007. 

  • PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial

    This detailed, step-by-step tutorial covers everything from creating a PowerPoint 2007 presentation to formatting text, adding graphics, inserting tables & charts, creating slide effects, and much more.

  • PowerPoint for Presentations

    Basic designs and instructions are given on PowerPoint slides that you navigate using forward/back buttons on the screen. The author has also included some great advice on “style” and format.

Beyond the Basics

  • Animations I: Preset And Custom Animation

    Learn to make text and pictures fly in, bounce and zoom out using the animation features in Powerpoint 2003.

  • Create Your Own Template

    Create a new template, get background images, fonts, colors and text, give title slides their own design and make your template available for future use.

  • PowerPoint 2000 Tip Sheet

    Tips are presented for the Powerpoint 2000 window, new features, animation, text, masters and objects. The Drawing Toolbar and Animation Effects icons are listed and named.

  • Advanced Features  

    These helpful tutorials offer guidance on several advanced features in Powerpoint. Learn how to use music, narration, animated slides and videos to make your presentation more interesting. Use photos and graphics to make your presentation every more effective. You can also find links to still more tips and tools on this site.

  • So That’s How! Great Powerpoint Features

    Learn to copy presentations and other files to a CD, how to reuse a template you have customized, vary slide design and how to keep photo file sizes small.