Internet Tutorials


  • Internet 101- Welcome To Internet 101

    A good, colorful and basic site that has been around since 1997 (with updates), Internet 101 includes the history of the Internet, as well as information on browsers, email, viruses and searching. Material is more general than how-to.

  • Internet for Beginners: Internet Terminology

    A well organized tutorial for beginners which covers three topics: How Big is the Internet? What Are The Good Search Engines? Are "Internet" and "World Wide Web" the same thing?

  •  A Basic Introduction to Internet Explorer
  • http://www.newbie.org/internet_explorer/ 
    This tutorial covers all the basics of Internet Explorer. There are sections on browsing, favorites, setting a  home page, and other useful features.  

  • Skills 2000 IT Tour: WWW

    This colorful and animated.website offers a great introduction to the World Wide Web. It is organized in a slide-like presentation, offering information in easily digestible baby bites.

  • The Web At - A - Glance 

    Learn all about the World Wide Web with this tutorial.  


  • About Email

    General information page about electronic mail with links on using and troubleshooting certain email program, links and information concerning popular email functions and novelties, and tips on security and etiquette.

  • E-Mail At-A-Glance 

    This tutorial presents comprehensive information about email.

  • Harness E-Mail: How It Works

    A brief, simple but useful description of how email technically works, explaining such acronyms such as POP and MIME, with links to further information on related topics.

Searching for Information: Tools and Strategies

  • Search Engine Showdown: The Users' Guide to Web Searching 
  • The Users' Guide includes such items as: Features of the Web Search Engines, Statistics, Search Strategies and Reviews. Google is terrific, but you may find one you like better.

  • A Bare Bones Guide to Search Engines

    This tutorial from the University of South Carolina Library compares common search engines. It includes 20 different mini tutorials on a variety of subjects.

Evaluating Web Sites

  • Authority: Is the author or publisher of the site a known authority or trustworthy organization?
  • Objectivity: Is the information free from bias or, if not, is the point of view clear?
  • Currency: Is there a creation date? If not recent, has the site been updated? Do all the links still work?
  • Design/Organization: Is the site easy to navigate? Is the information concise and without excessive graphics? Are the spelling and grammar correct?
  • Content: Are the information sources identified? Can the data be verified? Are the links useful?

These guides are created and maintained by Queens Library's Cyber Center Staff.