Excel Tutorials


  • About Spreadsheets
    General information page about spreadsheets (the primary function of MS Excel) with links on using Excel, alternatives, and articles about spreadsheet related topics.

  • Microsoft Office Online: Excel 2003 Home Page
    Official page for the latest version of Excel providing useful information about the product, demos, common questions asked and answered, and popular templates to download.


  • Microsoft Excel 2007 Course
    A comprehensive tutorial that covers Excel basics as well as a more advanced topics such as conditional logic, functions, tables and charts.

  • Get To Know Excel: Create Your First Workbook
    An introduction to Excel 2003 in which you will learn how to create a new workbook, enter and edit text and numbers and insert and delete columns and rows.

  • Microsoft Excel Modules

    A series of excellent tutorials for beginners and intermediate users. Contains many links with a variety of quizzes and exercises. Tutorials are useful for both PC & Macintosh computers.

  • Microsoft Excel Tutorial

    This tutorial provides the help you need to get started using Excel. It covers entering data, formatting, cell alignment, fonts, mathematical calculations, functions, and much more.

  • Excel 2007 Tutorial
    This tutorial gives information about Excel basics as well as explaining workbooks, worksheets, calculations, graphics and charts.

Beyond Basics

  • All About Autofilter
    Use Autofilter to select and show you only what you want to see when using Excel.

  • Charts 1: How to Create a Chart

    This tutorial will teach you how to create charts using Excel 2003.

  • Get To Know Excel: Enter Formulas
    Learn simple formulas to add, divide, multiply and subtract, to automatically update results and use prewritten formulas to add up values, calculate averages and find the smallest or largest value in a range of values.

  • Import Data: Import Text Files Into Excel
    Discover how to import text files, so that you can utilize the data in Excel.

  • Lists I: How to Use Lists in Excel
    Learn the List command to create a list, add up values in lists and use Autofilter arrows to sort and value lists

  • Microsoft Excel Training Tutorial: Tips and Tricks in using Excel

Some tips and tricks for advanced users. Tutorials are in video clips format and require Windows Media Player to play.

  • Plan Payments And Savings By Using Financial Formulas
    Use Excel formulas to compute monthly payments for mortgages, down payments and accumulated savings.

  • So That’s How! Great Excel Features
    Learn five Excel 2003 features including: keeping titles in view as you scroll through data, compare two workbooks at the same time, add up numbers just by selecting them, using the fill handle to complete series and making formatting changes automatically.
  • So That’s How! Printing Options in Excel
    See how to use print preview, fit more columns onto one page when you print, add repeating column or row titles to each printed page and add page numbers, the date or text, in headers or footers.
  • Use Formulas To Edit, Correct, And Proofread Text
    Save time by using formulas instead of retyping to work with text.