Computer Basics Tutorials

General Computing

  • Computer Basics

    The tutorial will introduce you to the different parts of the computer.

  • Introduction to Computers

    This tutorial presumes that you have little or no computer experience. It covers the topics such as the parts of a computer, computer terminology, disk drives, using the mouse, purchasing a computer, and care and feeding of your computer.

  • Introduction To Windows

    Learn how to use Windows from this tutorial.

  • Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101: Computer Basics

    This site explains a lot of the techno-babble that you hear about computers. It covers the topics of computer types, applications, input and output devices, processing, storage and programming with hands-on practice and quizzes.

  • Learnthat.com Free Basic Windows Tutorials

    General windows training, as well as particulars on Windows 98 and XP, are covered here, along with understanding folders, and keyboard shortcuts.

  •  Mousing Around
    Become proficient at using a mouse through this tutorial.

  • Windows XP: Getting Started

    This guide is designed for people who are new to computers and want to understand Windows XP. You need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC to read it.

Interactive Training and Practice

  • Buffalo & Erie County Public Library's Keyboard and Mouse Basics

    There's more keyboard than mouse practice provided here, but the site is still quite useful for the novice.

  • Camden County Library: Navigating the World Wide Web

    The first part of this excellent tutorial on the Internet features some good mouse training and practice.

  • Keyboard Tutorial

    This keyboard tutorial is brought to you by the folks who brought you Mouserobics. It's an interactive keyboard that allows you to click on specific keys to learn more about them.

  • Mouserobics

    This site is a great resource -- if you only try one site, try this one. It covers: Moving a mouse and clicking, radio buttons, checkboxes, drop-down menus, scrolling, scroll-bar menus, pop-up windows, forms (including email), and even copying and pasting text. It is also available in Spanish and Danish.

  • Mouse Practice-Learn how to use the mouse

    This site features good illustrations and hands-on practice in clicking and moving.

Computer Buyer’s Guide

  • Dave's Guide to Buying a Home Computer

    Dave’s Guide to Buying a Home Computer. It provides suggestions on: things to consider before buying a computer, operating systems and software applications, hardware, Internet providers, types of configuration and superstores.

  • How to Purchase a New Computer

    An excellent eight page document that asks all the right questions and offers sound, practical advice.

These guides are created and maintained by Queens Library's Cyber Center Staff.