Job T.A.P. Center 10

Also Known As:Job Testing, Assessment and Placement Center
Address:23-16 30 Ave. Astoria NY 11102


The aim of the Center is to assist people with their educational and vocational goals so that they are better equipped to plan a career or to advance in the job they have now. A first visit includes orientation to the center's objectives and procedures, taking the Test of Adult Basic Education, and assessment by a caseworker of skills, aptitudes, interests and needs in order to develop an Employability and Educational Development Plan. Job preparation includes training in writing resumes, interviewing skills, and techniques for advancing on the job. Short-term occupational training enables the client to improve skills in various occupations based on availability. Available programs are discussed during assessment. A four-month course is available for youth 16-21 to prepare for the GED.


Tue-Thurs 5:30-8 PM.

Eligibility Requirements:

Long-term unemployed, public assistance recipients, high school drop-outs, handicapped, or economically disadvantaged.

Admission Requirements/Documents:

SS Card, proof of age, residence and income.

Fees/Methods of Payment:Free.

Services Offered:Job TrainingPre-job GuidanceVocational Assessment
Languages Offered:GreekSpanish
Target Groups(By Need):Disabilities, People withHigh School DropoutsLow-IncomeUnemployed IndividualsYouth