New Americans Hotline

Sponsor/Parent Agency:Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New York


Offers immigrants free and confidential information about: immigration law, including relative petitions, visas, citizenship, political asylum, temporary protected status, deportation and exclusion, and special waivers; employer sanctions; gaining access to city and state services that are available to all New Yorkers; discrimination in employment and housing; language resources available for immigrants, including translation and interpreter services and English as a Second Language courses; health care referrals and AIDS waivers; and listings of not-for-profit organizations offering a wide range of immigration assistance, their locations, hours, fees and the languages spoken by their staffs.


Mon-Fri 9-8.

Eligibility Requirements:

Immigrants and refugees.

Fees/Methods of Payment:Free.

Services Offered:Health Care ReferralsImmigration / Naturalization Legal ServicesSpecialized Information and Referral
Languages Offered:AlbanianArabicBosnianChineseFrenchHaitian CreoleHindiItalianKoreanMacedonianPolishPunjabiRussianSpanishTurkishUrduCroatianSerbian
Target Groups(By Need):ImmigrantsNew ImmigrantsRefugees / Entrants / AsyleesUndocumented People