Caribbean Women's Health Association

Also Known As:CWHA
Address:3512 Church Ave. Brooklyn NY 11203
World Wide Web: http://www.cwha.org


Established to achieve the following: inform, educate, and mobilize the public regarding crucial health-related issues affecting the Caribbean community; develop, provide and promote programs and activities responsive to the health-related needs of the Caribbean community; provide a forum through which health providers, consumers, policy makers and educators can interact to improve the quality of life for Caribbean Americans; initiate, endorse and support programs and activities that would ensure quality health care services for all. HEALTH CARE REFERRAL SERVICES Prenatal care, child health, family planning, immunization, AIDS education and testing, lead poisoning, communicable diseases, adolescent pregnancy program, and dental care. FAMILY AND SOCIAL SUPPORT REFERRAL SERVICES Medicaid and public assistance. NUTRITION REFERRAL SERVICES W.I.C., food pantry, and Meals on Wheels. OTHER REFERRAL SERVICES Substance abuse, domestic violence, day care, senior citizens, housing, legal aid, mental health services, services for the disabled, and immigration services.


Mon-Fri 9-5. Immigration services Mon-Wed 12:30-5. 9-5 for other programs. Open 1st & 3d Saturdays each month, 9-5.

Eligibility Requirements:

No restrictions. However, many referrals are to programs that have eligibility requirements.

Admission Requirements/Documents:

Immigration documents.

Fees/Methods of Payment:Free, or nominal fee for immigration services.

Services Offered:Health Care ReferralsSpecialized Information and Referral
Languages Offered:Haitian CreoleSpanish
Target Groups(Ethnic):Caribbeans
Target Groups(By Need):Families