Peter G Young Outpatient Clinic

Address:108-30 Sutphin Blvd. Jamaica NY 11435
Telephone(s):(718) 526-3803 718-230-7780
World Wide Web: http://pyhit.com/


We provide assistance to individuals recovering from either alcohol or drug abuse addiction. We serve as an intermediary from correctional facilities to community living. Our site helps the individual overcome the problems that triggered and sustained the substance abuse which brought him/her to us. We help the individual prepare for a successful reentry into the community.


M, W, Thurs 9-7, Tues 9-8, Fri 9-5, Sat. 9-2:30

Admission Requirements/Documents:

Access, 311, and ACS (Bureau of Child Welfare)

Services Offered:Substance Abuse Treatment Programs
Target Groups(By Need):Alcohol AbusersDrug Abusers