New York Service Program for Older People
Government Entitlements and Insurance Benefits

Sponsor/Parent Agency:SPOP Service Program for Older People, Inc
Address:302 W 91st St New York NY 10024
Telephone(s):(212) 787-7120 ext. 514
Fax: (212)-580-0533
E-mail:info@spop.org World Wide Web: http://www.spop.org/main/index.php


Managing complicated benefits and entitlements can put an enormous amount of stress on older adults, which can in turn decrease quality of life. We’ve responded with a special assistance program that aims to relieve older adults of this stress. Government entitlements and insurance benefits assistance is provided at senior sites throughout Manhattan and by telephone. SPOP provides help in obtaining benefits for: Social Security, Rent-Increase Exemptions, Disability, Medicaid and Medicare, Housing, Food Stamps, Access-a-Ride, Home care, Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage (EPIC) Program. Other assistance as needed


Days and Hours vary.

Eligibility Requirements:

Manhattan residents age 55 and over.

Services Offered:Benefits Assistance
Target Groups(By Need):Older Adults