Catholic Charities Community Services, Archdiocese of New York
Refugee Resettlement

Also Known As:CCCS
Sponsor/Parent Agency:Catholic Charities
Address:1011 First Ave., 6th Floor New York NY 10022
Telephone(s):212-371-1000 ext.2033
World Wide Web: http://www.archny.org


Services include: overseas refugee processing, pre-arrival assistance, cultural orientation, case management, assistance in obtaining documents, immigration legal assistance, job preparation and placement, English-as -a-Second Language, training programs, and referrals for public benefits, housing, educational programs and other support services.


Mon-Fri 9-5.

Eligibility Requirements:

Refugees, asylees, victims of human trafficking, Cuban and Haitian entrants, parolees, Amerasians.

Admission Requirements/Documents:

I-94 Card with Immigration Status Code, immigration judge's order granting asylum, Asylum Approval Letter from US CIS office, ORR Certification Letter (for trafficking victims).

Fees/Methods of Payment:Free.

Services Offered:Benefits AssistanceCase / Care ManagementCertificates / Forms AssistanceCultural Awareness / Competencies TrainingEnglish as a Second LanguageImmigration / Naturalization Legal ServicesJob Search / Placement
Languages Offered:AlbanianArabicBosnianChineseFrenchHaitian CreoleHindiItalianKoreanMacedonianNepaliPolishPortugueseRussianSpanishUrduCroatianSerbian
Target Groups(By Need):Refugees / Entrants / Asylees